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"Evil Skup has trapped Flidas within one of his computers! Can you crack the mystery and set him free?"

Introducing the FlidasBox.
The FlidasBox is the missing piece you've been looking for to keep all your rolling essentials neat, organized, and in true Cogonauts style. Sized perfectly for carrying with you everywhere – slip it into your pockets, backpack, or hip bag.
This compact box features tailor-made compartments to securely store your filters, rolling papers, and lighter. With its magnetic closure, everything stays in place. What's more, it comes with a dedicated rolling tray to assist you while you roll, and the petite Flidas Fish, aiding in gathering your grinder material and compacting it before sealing your masterpiece. It even includes a compartment to hold up to two of those.

FlidasBox does not include rolling papers or lighter.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 6cm
Thickness: 3.3cm
Material: PLA – Biodegradable plastic, derived from plants, culinary-grade, used in 3D printing."
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