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Combo Unaki Cogonaut+Box

Combo Unaki Cogonaut+Box

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With this intergalactic device, Unaki arrived on Planet Earth in search of a very special plant. Will you help him find it?

The UnakiBox has arrived! in Combo with its Cogonauts Unaki (grinder)

The UnakiBox is the accessory you were missing to carry all your rolling supplies in a practical and organized way - and with Cogonauts style. It has the ideal size to take it everywhere; in all your pockets, backpack or fanny pack...

This little box has spaces designed to measure to store your filters, papers and lighter; and magnetic closure so that everything stays in place.

In addition, it has a dedicated bowl to assist you during rolling and comes with a space antenna, which will help you gather the material from your grinder and push it before closing your roll. It also has a compartment to store up to two of them.

Besides all that, it includes a labyrinth game to cross the cosmos!!

Buying in Combo you save 10% and get free shipping

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

The UnakiBox does not include papers or lighter.



Height: 10cm

Width: 6cm

Thickness: 4cm


Height: 7cm

Diameter: 5cm

Weight: 71g

Material: PLA - Bioplastic, food safe, used for 3D printing

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